Mr. Pasta

Our Vision

“To be a regional leader in the Italian Cuisine.”.

Our strategy

“Committing to quality in everything we serve through our adherence to international standards at all stages of preparation, transportation and storage, as well as conserving the realistic taste in our products”.

Core Values
  • Adherence to Food Hygiene Standards.
  • Consistency in Delivered Quality.
  • Continual Improvement and Innovation to Adapt to Market Trends and Changes.
  • Commitment to Continuously Exceed Customers’ Expectation.
Mr. Pasta

Our Menu​

Mr. Pasta menu offers a variety of Italian Food such as Pizza and Pasta. In addition, we offer wide variety of salads and side orders.

  • Our Pizza follow Napoli criteria
  • High quality ingredient
  • our guest can customize their pasta as they would like! More garlic ,type of sauce that they would like even the type of pasta
Mr. Pasta

Franchise advantages

  • Unique and attractive Branding
  • Exception franchise support system
  • Scalable store model with minimal space requirements
  • Possibility of operating from a kiosk
  • Potential for high volume sales and profit margins
  • Outstanding social media and PR plans
  • Startup costs maximum of of USD $$$,$$$
    • Includes franchise fee and working capital
  • Flexibility in space requirements
  • Superior branding that is proven to connect with a wide range of demographics
  • Early stages of the franchise roll-out plan
  • Most territories are available for area development.
Mr. Pasta

Our target markets​

  • Saudi Arabia main cities.
  • Other GCC countries
  • MENA
Mr. Pasta

Franchise information

  • Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia.
  • Type of Franchise Available: Country/Area Development or Unit Franchise.
  • Average Area per Location:
    • Model 1: 75 – 125 square Meter.
    • Model 2: 150 – 250 square Meter.
    • Model 3: Kiosk Model.
  • Average Investment per Store in US$:
    • Model 1: $ $$$,000 USD.
    • Model 2: $ $$$,000 USD.
    • Model 3: $ $$,000 USD.
Mr. Pasta

Franchise support​

  • The rights to use the unique Mr. Pasta brand name and trademark.
  • The right to use the Mr. Pasta business systems and know-how through initial and on-going training and provision of operations manual and standard procedures.
  • Evaluation of locations.
  • Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts.
  • Post-Launch support including on the job training and store monitoring.

  • Advice and guidance in relation to launch and annual marketing plans and customized design and artwork.

  • On-going audit visits to franchised stores and periodical review of financial performance.

  • On-going market research and introduction of new products, promotions.

  • Support in relation to the design of e-media and newsletters.


We used several marketing and advertising methods throughout the years, but digital marketing showed its benefits in reaching our possible customers and communicate with our current customers.

Our followers on Instagram is more than 11k.

In addition to our website.

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