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Pasta Menu

Mr. Pasta serves delicious kinds of sauce cooked in our Italian kitchen! Choose creamy Alfredo sauce, Marinara sauce, or have a bit of both! Right before eyes, your pasta is cooked over high flames with your choice of fresh veggies, meat and cheese​

Special Menu

Pasta Menu

34 SR
Meat Balls Spaghetti

(861 Calories)

39 SR
White Sauce Fettuccine

(1141 Calories)

30 SR
Chicken Lasagna

(673 Calories)

28 SR
Penne Arrabiate

(837 Calories)

39 SR
Pink Pasta

(1068 Calories)

39 SR
Pesto Pasta

(860 Calories)

39 SR
Foil Pasta

(904 Calories)

Your Pasta, Your Way!